Latvian growers visit the Low Countries

Eastern Europe is one of several growing markets for the Biobest portfolio. In a bid to develop relationships with local growers and distributors in the Baltic country, our distributor in Latvia – A. M. Ozoli - recently organized a two-day study trip to the Low Countries (Belgium and the Netherlands).

Seven ornamental growers, mainly of cut roses and pot plants, signed up for the trip to explore integrated pest management (IPM) as a strategy for biological pest control. In Belgium, Biobest arranged for the Latvians to visit several local rose growers. Here they observed strategies mainly based on the use of predatory mites often combined with Nutrimite™, our highly nourishing food supplement for predatory mites.

The following day the focus of the visit shifted to pot plant growers in the Netherlands. Sam Gui, sustainable crop management specialist at Biobest said: “The group visited Chrysanthemum and Freesias growers that have successfully applied IPM for several years. We highlighted the use of predatory bugs, particularly our Orius-System against thrips and also focused on the important role of banker plants.”

According to Sam, the study trip was a success. “Our IPM strategies, products and ethos seemed to be well received by the Latvian delegation.”

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