João Mendonça wins tablet thanks to Biobest registration contest

Registering on the Biobest website certainly pays off:  Not only do you get access to tailor-made information and other benefits but, as the 250th subscriber, João Mendonça from Portugal won a brand new Samsung tablet.

By registering on our new website visitors can navigate their way more quickly and easily around the site, locate bespoke information and subscribe to our bimonthly newsletter.

Visitors from all over the world are signing up, predominantly to gain access to valuable information ranging from crop specific advice to tips about targeted pest and disease control. In addition, every 250th grower that registers wins a great prize: a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active T360 Android. The tablet is ideal for use in nurseries and in the field as it is water, dust and shock resistant.

João Mendonça from Portugal is the first tablet winner. But the contest is not over yet. The counter has been reset, and growers who have not yet subscribed still stand a chance of winning a tablet in the future. If you have not signed up yet, maybe you could be the next lucky winner!

Finally, a word about João Mendonça. Growing five ha of raspberries in the parish of Pêra, in the Silves region, he is planning to expand his activities by planting three hectares of avocado trees.

João has used Biobest products since July this year. In his raspberry crop he uses our Phytoseiulus-System (with the predatory mite P.persimilis) as well as traps and standard bumblebee hives to complete the strategy. "We are very satisfied with the price / quality ratio of the Biobest products and the technical support we receive,” says Joã. “The support is very important to us. The application of biological controls in berries is on the rise here in Portugal. I am now considering applying them to our full production."

Register on www.biobestgroup.com and win a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active!

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