Italian researcher shows outstanding performance of Biobest Droso trap at ISFC

22/03/2016 - Dr. Alberto Grassi is a researcher at the Edmund Mach Foundation in Trentino, Italy’s prime fruit growing region. He presented the results of several years of field research on Drosophila suzukii at the International Soft Fruit Conference in ‘s Hertogenbosch. In an extensive comparison of different Drosophila traps Biobest’s Droso trap® was the undisputed winner.

Alberto Grassi: “We’ve been working in different fruit crops in my region. In some cases we found up to 30.000 D. suzukii adults in a single trap. The Droso trap® allows growers to easily detect when the very first suzukii adults appear in their crop. That helps the grower decide at the exact right time to take other cultural measures against this pest, such as rigorous hygiene and an extra-short harvest interval.”

Rosy Pauwels, Product Manager at Biobest comments: ”Alberto’s feedback during years of research helped us optimize our Droso trap® step by step and achieve the excellent performance shown in his recent trials. Our trap has already gained considerable commercial interest in various parts of the world. Recently authorities in Chile decided in favor of Droso trap. Alberto also studied the impact of the attractant that goes with the trap. We were able to secure preferred access to the very best attractant from his research. We commercialize it under the name Dros'Attract®.”

Biobest’s R&D continues to zoom in on Drosophila suzukii, a serious concern for soft fruit growers. In addition to Droso trap® and Dros'Attract®, Biobest is also working on a novel biological control agent against D. suzukii.

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