IPM Essen’s global stage for new Biobest products

The world’s leading horticultural trade fair – IPM Essen 2017 did not disappoint attracting 57,000 visitors from 45 nations.

A truly global arena to showcase new and recent additions to the Biobest portfolio, our redesigned stand featured the new biofungicide ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol®. Containing the beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum T34, it offers outstanding biological protection against root diseases such as Pythium and Fusarium.

Newly registered in France, Belgium and the Netherlands to control Fusarium oxysporum in ornamentals, ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol® has also gained approval in these countries to control Pythium in tomato, sweet pepper and aubergine crops. Also attracting plenty of interest from ornamental growers was our Dyna-Mite® G-System. Containing the fast acting, voracious predatory mite Euseius gallicus, this unique system protects roses from thrips, whitefly and spider mite.

Adopted by pioneering growers in the Netherlands, France and Eastern Europe, the Dyna-Mite® G-System is proving to be a strong and affordable first line of defense in cut rose crops reducing chemical interventions to a minimum. The strategy relies on early release and the use of Nutrimite™, our highly nourishing food supplement for predatory mites, to boost population establishment.

Reflecting its international nature, alongside Biobest’s four Area Managers − for Asia/Middle East, Benelux /N America, Eastern and Western Europe − we were delighted to be joined by representatives from our distributors in the Baltics, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the UK.

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