Information on side effects: now even easier with the new Biobest app and webpage

As a leader in IPM, Biobest knows better than anyone else it is essential to take the effects of pesticides on beneficial organisms into full consideration. Growers can now consult the rich Biobest database even more easily through an updated webpage and smartphone app. The list is available in seven languages and can be easily consulted at: www.biobestgroup.com/en/side-effect-manual. You can download the new Biobest Side Effect Manual app for free in the AppStore and Google Play. Besides increasing the user friendliness, the new tool also offers another important innovation: the opportunity to enter into dialogue.

The Side Effect Manual is an indispensable tool in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We have a lot of available information that growers and advisors should be able to consult easily. “Communication technology is constantly evolving, so we are proud to provide this renewed and improved version”, says Paco Lozano, Manager of Biobest Knowledge and Training Center. "If the user clicks on a chemical, they immediately see that the font of the applicable beneficials is darker in color, which means the effect on those beneficials is known. If not, the name of the beneficials is shown in a lighter font.

Well recognizable
Users will immediately recognize useful features as the new tool’s layout is comparable to the previous version. This also applies to the classification, ranking from harmless (1) to harmful (4) and to persistence, the time that the chemical continues to affect the beneficials. The search results are still available as a pdf from the website. Furthermore, the user can now choose to make an unlimited number of combinations, which is different than before.

Interaction with users
Our new tool also offers them a unique new possibility. We open the dialogue between growers and Biobest. For example, growers can share their experiences on certain combinations of pesticides and beneficials. This may allow us to further refine the available information. Growers can also express their interest in a combination that has not yet been investigated. Through the icon (i), they simply send a message to Biobest. This feedback will help us to adapt our research to the field’s requirements. Sending a message can also be done via the “Help us” button”, said Paco Lozano.

Download the new app
Those that have used the old version of the Biobest Side Effect Manual on either smartphone or tablet should remove the old app and download the new from the AppStore or Google Play.

The new Side Effect Manual app automatically synchronizes with our database.

Visit www.biobestgroup.com/en/side-effect-manual or download the app:

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