IBMA Kenya receives innovation award

In the last 10 years biocontrol in Kenya has grown from a concept to become a reality, and is providing major crop protection strategies.  This transition has been driven by consumer demand, the need to overcome pesticide resistance and by environmental concerns. For the technology to be effectively adopted it has to be affordable and effective, which often means local in-country production.

With established local companies - both producing and servicing customers’ needs through technical advice, training and products – there was the need for an organisation representing the Kenyan biocontrol industry. The objectives of this body are to promote the technology, raise stakeholder awareness and lobby regulators and government to appreciate the merits of this technology.  

The four founding members, Dudutech, Kenya Biologics, Koppert Kenya and Real IPM established IBMA Kenya (International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association of Kenya) in 2017. A global organisation, IBMA Kenya represents these ideals at the local level.  

Recently launched at the Naivasha Horticulture Fair, the Association scooped the shows ‘best innovation’ award. Dr Wainwright, General Manager of Real IPM said, “In expanding global production areas like Kenya we have to work together as a biocontrol industry and promote our exciting technologies. We all have to work to make our technologies available and understood by all agricultural stakeholders. This can only be achieved by working together to maximise the impact for both small and large scale growers.”  

The association welcomes new members and interested parties should contact info@ibmakenya.org.

IBMA Kenya gratefully acknowledges the support of the SNV through the HortiImpact programme.

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