Growing success in green areas for Biobest IPM strategy

Sustainable solutions from Biobest are successfully being used in some well-known public places such as the historical Alhambra in Granada, Spain and the gardens of Euro-Disney Paris.

Due to changing regulations mandating less use of toxic chemicals in public green areas, more European municipalities are making the switch to the use of biological and integrated pest management.
Biobest is taking the lead in this process, informing and assisting its distributors in a growing market.

A good example of how this can be achieved, was found in the Belgium city of Edegem, close to Antwerp. Previously, the municipality suffered from severe aphid attacks on lime trees. One street with 65 trees was heavily cankered by the aphids, producing honeydew on which sooty mold could establish. Local residents complained for many years that because of insufficient control or treatment, their cars, gardening equipment etc. was seriously polluted.

This past August, all trees were treated with Biobest’s Crysopa and Adalia-System-Plus, both of them voracious and efficient aphid fighters. The adult lacewing is no predator but feeds on nectar, honeydew and pollen.
Gardeners released 2 000 lacewings and 300 Adalia larvae (in a Biobest jute bag) on every lime tree. This resulted in a perfect combination, since the lacewings make an initial reduction of aphids, then afterward; the ladybugs keep the aphid population low. For the first time in years, Edegem managed to keep the pest under control. It is now looking into a broader strategy to use beneficials and other sustainable solutions instead of ineffective, high cost and unhealthy chemicals.

Biobest is currently establishing a broader portfolio of products to fit into its IPM program; to offer a complete pest solution and strategy for municipalities control pests and keep public green spaces “green”.

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