Greek growers enthusiastically welcome Biobest’s new approach.

This month marks the first anniversary of Biobest’s collaboration with Agrimore S.A. as a distributor for Greece. Based on its success in reaching out to growers, Agrimore became Biobest’s exclusive distributor in Greece in April 2015. Both companies are now gearing up for the first full season working hand in glove. Koen Van Elsen, Biobest’s area manager responsible for Greece is confident: “Bumblebee pollination and biological control are really catching on in Greece. Together with Agrimore we are ready to provide good solutions and an excellent service to growers across the country”.


“We have been present in Greece for a few years already, says Koen, but we needed a strong partner to shift to higher gear. As a prominent distributor of agricultural products based in Thessaloniki, Agrimore has built an excellent reputation in the entire country. The success of our products goes hand in hand with solid technical advice. Agrimore has its own technical team that offers high-quality on-site support and maintains close relationships with both customers and suppliers. The Biobest technical team is there to transfer knowledge and to give them full support.”


Agronomist Vasileios Kiotseridis, commercial manager and vice-president of Agrimore: ”I am very pleased with what we achieved together during the first year. We jointly made big strides to inform growers about biological control and pollination and the advantages of the solutions we offer. One item we really focused on was to organize a series of grower seminars. Three took already place during spring in the north (Thessaloniki , Chrysoupoli , Katerini)  focused on open field crops , one in Peloponnese (Patra) and two on Crete (Ierapetra , Arvi), the center of protected horticulture in Greece. Growers response was really positive.”  


Illustrating the positive response to the seminars Vasileios refers to the seminar in the cucumber-growing region of Arvi. The highlight of this seminar was the very encouraging results of field trials on biological control of thrips and whitefly in cucumber last season. The trials clearly demonstrated - under local conditions - the effectiveness of Biobest beneficials such as Swirskii - Long Life - System and Eretmocerus-System for IPM in cucumber.


Another seminar in Ierapetra, the heart of Cretan horticulture drew 160 enthusiastic participants. Biobest products and solutions for various vegetable crops were presented to growers in this region where tomato, cucumber, pepper and eggplant prevail. Growers were impressed and asked a lot of questions. “We not only felt strong interest but genuine fascination”, says Vasileios. “We gave a new insight to these growers and they are excited about new IPM concepts, such Nutrimite as a food supplement for predatory mites, rather than spraying chemicals.”


If you wish to be informed about future seminars, please contact Agrimore SA.

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