Global IPM know-how benefiting Baltic growers

Biobest already has a strong foothold in the IPM market in Latvian and Estonian protected crops. As in other parts of the world, the trend to minimise pesticide usage is being driven by increasing pest resistance to conventional chemical actives, as well as rising consumer awareness of residues and demand from leading retailers to minimise them.     

Organised by our Latvian distributor A.M. Ozoli, at the beginning of February Biobest and Haifa Fertilizers held two joint technical grower meetings in Riga and Tartu.  Proving highly popular, the events attracted more than 80 tomato, cucumber and protected salad growers − eager to learn more about the technical aspects of IPM, pollination and crop nutrition.

Sam Gui, from Biobest’s global IPS (IPM and Pollination Specialist) team, led our technical sessions - supported by area sales manager Dirk Aerts. “With knowledge gained worldwide, the IPS team draws upon practical experiences gained in other countries - where growers face similar challenges”, says Dirk.   

“As in other areas in Northern Europe, protected growers in the Baltics are highly reliant on artificial light. This creates IPM challenges due to higher pest pressures – particularly whitefly. Special adjustments are also needed to optimise pollination strategies as the artificial lights impact on bumblebees’ ability to find their way back to their hives.”

After the grower meetings, visits were made to two leading hi-tech tomato / cucumber growers near Riga – Marupe and Getlini, and to the facilities of Grüne Fee at Tartu, producing cucumbers, leafy salads and herbs.

Building on our existing relationship, A.M. Ozoli has now been appointed the Biobest distributor for the whole Baltic region - Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

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