Fruit Logistica 2012, Biobest in the global picture

Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin, Germany, is the world’s largest fruit and vegetable trade fair and therefor one of the most interesting platforms for a company such as ours to present some of our novelties to the world.

This year, more than 56.000 trade visitors, representing 139 countries, and a record number of exhibiting companies, (2537 coming out of 84 countries), made it to be a huge success.

Biobest was prominently present at Fruit Logistica, with a beautiful booth exhibiting the new fresh Biobest-style, showing off with some new and innovating products:

The new Bumblebee hive with Bee-Lock system and pollen tray proving our non-stop urge to improve, Droso-Trap to catch one of the world biggest upcoming pests Drosophila suzukii and the updated version of Biobest’s well-known Side Effects List were the eye-catchers of 2012.
Altogether, this proved that even though our company has been established for 25 years now, it is still one of the driving forces of the business.

The Side Effects List especially interested many people, because it’s not only the most complete and independent overview available, but also the first one that’s freely available to all as a mobile app.

Once again, Biobest profiled itself as an innovative global player in the field of sustainable crop management.

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