Felix Wäckers, new Director R&D of the Biobest Group

Director R&D of the Group (Biobest N.V.). Felix Wäckers will be a member of the Executive Committee and will manage the Biobest Group R&D activities. Dr. Wäckers is taking its full position to continue the work initiated by Dr. Herman Van Mellaert, who was interim R&D Manager at Biobest.
With the arrival of Felix Wäckers, a researcher with an outstanding international experience in the
field of biological control and pollination, BIOBEST demonstrates once again its strong commitment
to innovation.

Felix Wäckers is author of more than 130 peer]reviewed papers on biological control and pollination.
He has been associated with several world leading research institutions. Most recently he was head of the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture at Lancaster University (UK). Previous assignments include key positions at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich (CH) and the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands.
“Shifting to R&D in a private company means I have an opportunity to make a bigger impact in the field and to see my findings translated into practice more rapidly”, says Felix Wäckers. “Biological control is rapidly growing, and new research findings will be essential for its further development. I am eager to be at the forefront of these developments and to work at BIOBEST, a leading company in
this exciting industry.”

Felix Wäckers will continue to maintain close relationships with the academic research community as it creates value for both private companies and the academic world.
“I am confident that I will take a flying start”, concludes Felix Wackers, “with the establishment of BIOBEST Greenlab and with the portfolio of candidate products prepared over the last couple of years, BIOBEST and its R&D team have already laid the groundwork for future success.”

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