Facelift: Biobest launches a new and innovative re-design of its ABS sachets

As from now on, Amblyseius Breeding System got a facelift that has some remarkable advantages, compared to the old sachet Biobest used before.

New hook
Formerly, ABS sachets had an attached hook to hang onto the crop. With the new model, this hook is integrated into the sachet itself.
This not only results in a very easy and quicker application, but more importantly, the product will be better attached to the plants.
The new, integrated hook is stronger and withstands humidity better. Testing proved these sachets keep hanging on the crop, even in very humid circumstances. A problem sometimes faced with the older sachet.

Biobest developed another way of creating the sachet’s walk-out holes. Now 4 small walk-out holes are punched in a circular shape. Walkout of the mites is better, more equal in time and therefore more efficient spreading of the mites into the crop.
Due to the new walk-out holes, chances are lower that during transport and manipulating, content gets spilled into the cardboard boxes. Testing showed this to be a big improvement compared with the old sachet.
These little changes have big effects and are the result of a never ending search for quality, one of Biobest’s missions.

As from October 10, the new sachets will be available on the market.
Pack type will not be changed, each box contains 250 breeding systems.

For more info, please contact bert.synaeve@biobest.be


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