Expansion of the R&D-department

In support of its research and innovation capacity, Biobest has opened a spacious new Research and Development (R&D) lab. This facility will be of great help to the department for the research of new products, new production methods and new control strategies.

To consolidate and further develop its leading international position, Biobest has invested seriously in research and development. In the past one and a half years, four new academics have been recruited by Biobest to reinforce the R&D department, as well as a new R&D Manager to head it. The headquarters of Biobest in Flanders will thus continue to grow into an international research center, where knowledge and technology are being developed for the worldwide subsidiaries of this Flemish company.
Furthermore four rooms for climate control and (sterile) preparation were brought into use. The new facility will be able to accommodate the permanent researchers as well as students and visitors.

With the investments in R&D, Biobest clearly shows its commitment to its strategy of innovation.

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