Exclusive interview with Biobest CEO and COO by 2BMonthly

Global expansion, R&D, Nutrimite™, Flying Doctors®, Real IPM Kenya Ltd… Biobest CEO Jean-Marc Vandoorne and COO Karel Bolckmans covered all these topics in an interesting and exclusive interview with 2BMonthly, the global biocontrol and biostimulants E-Newsletter. The interest of the international agricultural press shows that Biobest’s rapid growth is on the radar screen of many growers and industry participants. Vandoorne and Bolckmans end the interview expressing a strong conviction that Biobest will continue to thrive by putting the power of nature at the service of growers: “Our ambition and that of many growers is to move to a full suite of natural solutions.”

To read the full interview, please click here.

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