Eufloria Flowers wins a Samsung Tablet from Biobest

Eufloria Flowers is a hydroponic grower of tea and specialty roses located in Nipomo, California. It’s the most recent winner of a Samsung Tablet in Biobest’s website registration action. The action continues, hence growers registering on www.biobestgroup.com still have a chance to win.

Eufloria Flowers is one of the premier growers of tea and specialty nurseries in California and the United States. Eufloria is proud that their roses can be seen in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements all over the country.

Andy Koch, the 6th generation of Kochs to be a horticulturist has been involved in the cut rose industry since childhood. Andy believes that being a good steward of the environment is important for Eufloria Flowers and the horticulture industry as a whole.

Eufloria Flowers began to modernize their conservation and environmental efforts years ago. From double insulated roofs, the use of energy curtains, a high efficiency boiler/heating system, the recycling of used poly coverings, the recycling of boiler water on complimentary field crops and the recirculation of irrigation water- everything is done with an eye toward minimizing Eufloria’s impact on the environment.

Andy believes that just as he attempts to protect the environment by using the above practices - it is just as important to use IPM practices. By using Integrated Pest Management practices not only are fewer chemicals used- an environmental boon- but the workers at Eufloria Flowers also benefit from the cleaner work environment. An added benefit of using less chemicals is that the plants grow better compared to when they are constantly being sprayed for pest control.

Biobest is proud to be associated with Eufloria Flowers and happy to have presented the Samsung Tablet to IPM manager David Van Wie.

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