Dros'Attract: improved formulation

Dros'Attract®: Even better catches with our new formulation

BIOBEST offers a new and further improved version of Dros'Attract®, which has proven to be even more efficient in attracting Drosophila suzukii to the Droso trap®.

In collaboration with external research groups, Biobest carried out trials comparing apple cider vinegar (ACV) – an attractant commonly used by growers - and the new formulation of Dros'Attract® throughout 2012. The results are clear-cut: Droso trap® with the new Dros'Attract® formulation started catching the first Drosophila suzukii well before other attractants. This makes it an excellent attractant for monitoring purposes.

For optimal results, Biobest recommends to put 200 ml Dros'Attract® per Droso trap® and add a sugar cube of 4-5 g. Furthermore, it is recommended that the attractant be renewed every 15 days.

The new formulation is supplied in a practical 5L bag-in-box and is totally safe for users. Thanks to the tap you can easily fill the Droso trap® with Dros’Attract® and renew it.

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