Discover the Turbo Pollination Engine made by Biobest

Biobest expands its bumblebee range with Turbo hives. The Turbo hive is particularly suitable for pollination of outdoor crops with a short and high blooming peak.

“Outdoor crops with a short and high blooming peak need quick and effective pollination to achieve optimal fruitset and yield,” says Lode Van Schaeren of Biobest Belgium. “Our Turbo Hives come with at least 200 worker bees ready for immediate action. Hence pollination reaches cruising speed much faster than with a Premium Hive. In addition, we guarantee a minimum of 4 weeks full activity for our Turbo Hives.”

The brand new Turbo Hives will come in different versions: the Turbo Hive (1 bumblebee hive in cardboard box) and the Multi-Hive Turbo (3 bumblebee Hives in a polystyrene box) are delivered with about 2 litres of sugar water. This is important in crops with little nectar, and provides extra flexibility in case of delayed blooming.

The Bi-Hive Turbo (2 colonies in a corrugated plastic box) is specifically developed for crops with good nectar production (for example: blueberry or apple). With only a small stock of sugar solution, the bumblebees will work hard to collect nectar from the flowers and -simultaneously- do a great pollination job.

For Biobest, bumblebee pioneer since 1987, bumblebees are part of its core business. The Biobest range contains 6 type of bumblebee colonies (Turbo, Premium, Standard, Medium, Mini and Supermini). These colonies differ according to the number of worker bees and the duration of the pollination activity. 


Download here the new Biobest brochure with more information about Biobest’s solutions for outdoor pollination.

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