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Taking scouting to new level to improve IPM performance

09/11/2020 - Biobest is passionate about continuous improvement; whether developing new or improving existing products and packaging, boosting monitoring or scouting accuracy /efficiency or fine-tuning technical advice provision.

Serving customers better is at the heart of all our decisions as we strive for excellence in everything we do. Highly strategic, we aim to pinpoint key challenges facing growers and design workable solutions – delivering the greatest impact for our company, customers and ultimately the world!

Fast and accurate

Our new Crop-Scanner app is a prime example where we have taken scouting efficiency to a new level.

So why did we develop it? Designed to be used by growers and employees while scouting in the crop, the app unlocks fast and accurate scouting for growers delivering improvements in overall IPM performance.

While grower visits remain central to our customer relationships, Crop-Scanner is an invaluable extra IPM support tool. It facilitates fast and direct entry of scouting data, via a smartphone or tablet, to give visualisation of pest pressure and beneficial population build-up - as well as hives and trap monitoring - via a web portal.

Timely launch

Launched earlier this year, it is proving particularly welcome in these challenging COVID-19 times - with social-distancing measures temporarily restricting working practices in some crops as well as technical visits.

Easy to operate

While the principle of the app is very simple, its functionalities are extensive.

Easy to operate, growers use Crop-Scanner’s applications to draw their greenhouse and pinpoint exact spots where a particular pest has been scouted and record its stage of development. Adding photos is easy.

Both growers and Biobest advisors can analyse data to closely follow pest outbreaks online and develop appropriate biological control strategies. Timely interventions and quicker responses help minimise the risk of pest outbreaks in the crop.

Key benefits

The key advantage for growers is that advice can be personalised from a distance to fit individual situations - significantly improving the remote provision of tailored biological crop protection advice, saves time, increases efficiency in IPM management and productivity and maximizes returns. 

More info: www.crop-scanner.com

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