Bug-Scan® traps to suit every situation

27/07/2020 - Biobest’s comprehensive range of Bug-Scan® monitoring tools offer solutions to suit different scouting needs as well as crops and pests.  

“If long term reliability is your key driver then our Biobest Bug-Scan® wet-glue sticky traps offer superior quality and improved longevity,” explains María del Mar Parra of Biobest Spain.

“Extremely durable, they are manufactured using high resistance plastic while the non-toxic glue is very effective and long-lasting. These Bug-Scan® traps withstand high humidity and temperatures and continue to be effective even if they get wet. This is particularly beneficial for ornamental nurseries using overhead irrigation or hand watering.

 “With the integrated hook system, Bug-Scan® sticky traps are straightforward to install helping save time and minimise labour costs. To optimise monitoring, we recommend they are installed down the side of rows, close to windows/vents and at the same height as trays.”

Bug-Scan® traps are available in a wide range of colours which are attractive to a range of flying pests; for instance, blue for thrips and yellow for whitefly. In combination with the sexual aggregation pheromone, ThriPher, Bug-Scan® Blue sticky traps promote the capture of both male and female Western Flower Thrips at an early stage.

Large capture surface

For those looking to create a large capture area, Biobest offers an extensive range of Bug-Scan® Rolls.  Available in different widths and lengths, these double-sided sticky rolls are manufactured from durable and recyclable plastic. As well red, blue and yellow rolls, the series has recently been extended with black Bug-Scan® Roll for Tuta absoluta detection.  

“Bug-Scan® Rolls are excellent tools for the timely detection of a new pest infestation or for monitoring the population size of pests already present,” explains María. “They can also be used to creating an effective physical barrier in the crop.  It is easy to fix rolls with the support clips from Biobest.”


And for growers looking for simplicity, Biobest offers highly user-friendly Bug-Scan® Dry sticky traps. With both sides covered in paper, they are particularly quick and easy to install, not only helping to save time but avoiding the potential for sticky glue to be transferred onto crop workers’ hands.

There really is a Bug-Scan® trap to suit every situation!

For any further information, please contact our technical department.

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