Breakthrough Fusarium control for protected ornamentals in Canada – ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol

Canadian protected ornamental growers now have a new and effective preventative tool against Fusarium wilt, thanks to the launch of ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol by Biobest.

This breakthrough new biofungicide contains the unique, naturally occurring, beneficial fungus Trichoderma asperellum T34 at a high concentration (1012 CFU/kg). It rapidly colonises plant roots to form a protective barrier against pathogens to support healthy root growth. Benefiting from multiple modes of action, this beneficial fungus also triggers plants’ natural defense mechanisms, while parasitising and actively killing pathogens. As a result, ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol offers outstanding biological protection against Fusarium oxysporum.

“This award-winning product has been available to growers in Europe and the USA for a couple of years,” says Veronica Cervantes, Biobest Product Manager for North America. “Growers there are very satisfied with its performance against soilborne diseases and how easily the product mixes with water.”

“With a strong preventative action, ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol is best introduced to the root zone as soon as possible. We advise protected ornamental growers to start using it at the propagation stage, re-apply at transplanting and follow up every two to three months. Conveniently, it can be applied as a dip, incorporated in the substrate, drenched or via irrigation.”

The Trichoderma strain T34 was isolated from a Fusarium suppressive compost by Biocontrol Technologies, a Spanish spin-off company of the University of Barcelona. Trichoderma asperellum T34 turned out to be the most aggressive and effective strain.

“There is growing interest in biological solutions for the ornamentals market and the role they can play in producing value added products, free of chemical residues as preferred by many consumers,” says Sarah Van Beneden, Biobest Global Product Manager. “Soil borne diseases remain a key challenge in many ornamental crops. ASPERELLO T34 Biocontrol is a tailor made solution for growers. Its launch brings Canadian growers a new tool with significant advantages in terms of efficacy against Fusarium wilt. In trials it has outperformed other biological as well as conventional chemical products and works well even at high soil temperatures.”

“We are delighted with the product registration in Canada and are now working on a label expansion to edible crops.”

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