Black roller traps turn up the heat on Tuta absoluta

25/03/2021 - Endemic in the northern half of Argentina, the South American Tomato Moth - Tuta absoluta - has become a major challenge for the production of healthy tomato crops.

Resistance build-up

At higher temperatures the pest’s lifecycle accelerates - as does its potential to cause damage. Control is made more difficult due to the fact Tuta can colonise weeds growing at the periphery of the greenhouse.

“It is not easy to control using conventional crop protection chemicals,” explains Carlos Silvestre, Product Manager at Brometan - Biobest’s local partner. “Tuta has built up resistance to a number of products forcing growers and advisors to pursue more environmentally-friendly approaches.”

Different approach

“Employing integrated pest management techniques, growers deploy pheromone lures which attract the male - Tuta Caps - in combination with water traps or yellow sticky traps,” he explains. “However, under peak pest conditions, these control measures all too often become overwhelmed.

Bug-Scan® Roll Black

In a bid to boost control, the Brometan team set about devising an improved solution.

“While maintaining the key component of the methods described above, we recommend deploying Bug-Scan® Rolls Black in the crop,” explains Carlos. “These rolls combine a significantly larger capture surface, with the colour black - shown to be the most attractive to this pest.

Bug-Scan Roll Black in tomato

“While the Tuta Cap pheromone lures continue to attract the male moths, the Bug-Scan® Rolls Black help boost control by also adding a physical barrier. Both sexes are attracted to the black rolls where they get stuck on the glue - an element absent from the previous strategy.”

Manufactures from durable plastic - using a wet, long lasting and non-toxic glue on both sides - Bug-Scan® Rolls are water repellent and do not dry out in hot conditions.

Field tests promising

“We are hopeful tomato growers will gradually incorporate these Bug-Scan® Rolls Black into their control strategies – initial trials are looking promising,” say Carlos.

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