Biological control, beyond the point of no return

13/05/2019 - Biological control (both in terms of biopesticides & beneficial insects) continue to show significant growth in European and global crop production. Increasing demands from consumers and supermarkets for residue free products, as well as tightening of regulations for the use of chemical pesticides are strong drivers for a shift towards biological crop protection. What are the trends for the (near) future and what are the challenges? As a pioneer and global leader in biocontrol, Biobest will host this lunch session at IUPAC International Congress on 21 May 2019.

As an introduction Biobest will share its experience with complete biocontrol solutions for high value crops, which involve monitoring solutions, beneficial insects as well as biopesticides. Monitoring and prevention are both key to successful IPM programmes. As a second line of defence, biocontrol agents can be established preventatively, using specific feed supplements like Nutrimite™ to build up a standing army ready to defend a crop should pests and diseases arrive. As a third line of defence, biopesticides can be used curatively to control established pests and diseases. Meanwhile, knowledge regarding the side effects of conventional crop protection products is vital to limit the impact on biocontrol agents. The development of such a complete toolbox of solutions requires open innovation, plenty of collaboration and close interaction with growers. 

The aim of this lunch session is to exchange opinions, information, advise, and knowledge between stakeholders.

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