Biobest wishes to further invest in the Spanish market

Spain, one of the most important horticultural production regions in Europe is also one of the main markets of biological control and bumblebees for Biobest.

Even if it has not always been an easy market, the potential and growth possibilities remain very high. This growth can be achieved by the development of new applications, and also by elaborating new markets such as public greens, fruits and ornamentals.

Therefore, Biobest has a strong belief in the Spanish market for biological products and the company keeps on investing in its local business with a professional approach and full support of its operations in Spain.
To enable a continuous growth, the company recently expanded its local management and Mr. Juan Luis Pérez was appointed as a General Manager of Biobest Spain.
Mr. Pérez is 54 years old, lives in Aguadulce (Almeria) and has many years of international experience in the horticultural industry. Before joining Biobest he was active in the international seeds business as a Business Manager.

For further questions and information: please contact Bert Synaeve, marketing and communication manager bert.synaeve@biobest.be

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