Biobest website registration – final winner announced

Alexander Rafajlović, an experienced agronomist and production director at Serbia’s Sagal Agrar, came out as the final winner of the Samsung tablet in Biobest’s website registration contest.

An innovative Serbian company at the forefront of intensive agriculture, Sagal Agrar produces 2.6 ha of high quality glasshouse tomatoes for the local market.
Struggling to control whitefly using conventional chemical controls, Sagal Agrar began working with Biobest and Virginia Ltd – Biobest’s distributor in Serbia.

The collaboration started with Biobest bumblebee hives for excellent pollination results and with the introduction of beneficial insects to control glasshouse whitefly. More recently, following the appearance of Tuta absoluta in the crop, the IPM programme has been extended to also deal with this new challenge.
“With the advice of Biobest and Virginia we have implemented monitoring procedures and programmes to control our current pest challenges”, says Alexander Rafajlović. “We feel confident that together we can find solutions to any future pest threats. With many years of excellent results, in terms of crop pollination and pest control, Biobest has become a key partner for the success of our company.”

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