Biobest starts up the production of beneficials in Mexico

Biobest Mexico starts a new project: the local production of beneficial insects for use in both the Mexican and surrounding countries agricultural market.

Biobest NV and its Mexican partner Distribuciones Imex, started the bumblebee production in 2009 with the opening of Biobest Mexico’s facility with new technology on all aspects of the operation.

Now, once again both companies have reunited efforts and have started the production of beneficial insects in Mexico, having outfitted a new environment to its original facility: high technology areas with all the necessary equipment such as modern greenhouses adequate to each species' needs and fully equipped quality control laboratory. All of this for the production of different species and the evaluation of all the parameters involved in order to provide high quality products and technical support to the Mexican agricultural producers.

With the increase of hectares of greenhouses and protected areas, also the need grew to support the agricultural growers to improve.
They first succeeded increasing the yield of production with natural pollinators as a first step. Now with biological agents, Biobest gives them an option of more value to their crops.

With the support that Biobest Mexico can give to an IPM-program, alternative solutions can be found to control some of the most important pests that attack the Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae families. Main targets are whiteflies (Aleyroridae family) by using their natural enemy, the parasitoid Eretmocerus eremicus and thrips (Thripidae family), for which Biobest Mexico is producing the predator: Orius insidiosus. One of the biggest pests that have become important in the past years is the tomato and potato physillid (Bactericera cockerelli). Therefore, Biobest is producing with promising results its natural enemy the parasitoid: Tamarixia triaozae.

Biobest Mexico faces the challenges of this new project with a lot of confidence. With the support and the experience of everyone involved all over the world, the Mexican subsidiary can lean on one great team that is working worldwide to produce beneficial insects with the highest Biobest quality standard.

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