Biobest starts IPM activities in Turkey

With over 50,000 ha of tomato, sweet pepper and cucumber crops under protection Turkey is a major vegetable producing country. A significant part of this production is destined for export to Europe and other countries around the world. As in most countries, Turkish growers are also confronted with residue and resistance issues which drive them towards more sustainable crop protection techniques such as using natural enemies. Turkish growers have already been using Biobest bumblebees for many years as Biobest has a local production facility in Antalya. So for the growers it is a small step to also continue using the natural enemies from their familiar and trusted supplier. For the technical support and marketing of our products Biobest is working together with the company Antilsan. To ensure a sound follow-up for the growers who start using the range of beneficial insects and mites, Antilsan is continuing its intensive training of their technical team and is investing in expansions.


KAT:7 NO:44


Tel. : +90 242 322 89 00(pbx)
Fax : +90 242 322 89 22
E-mail: info@antilsan.com.tr


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