Biobest spreads the word in Russia

The huge market of agriculture in Russia holds large opportunities. As part of its bottom-up strategy, Biobest recently took part in a seminar for growers and distributors.

Biobest’s distributor for the Russian market is Agroprom-MDT, a supplier of high-quality bumblebees, beneficial insects & mites, pesticides, fertilizers and seeds from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Agroprom-MDT has a tradition of organizing technical seminars throughout the entire country on a regular basis. The latest took place from 11 to 15 May in Yalta. Almost one hundred growers and distributors participated in this one-week seminar. The program was composed of both technical presentations, Q&A sessions and field visits to local companies and growers.

For Biobest, these kinds of seminars are a good opportunity to present its activities and come into contact with end users. Wesley Akkermans, sustainable crop management specialist at Biobest, was one of the invited speakers. During his one-hour presentation, Wesley touched upon several of Biobest’s strengths in the field of biological pest control. “I took off with a general overview of our company, our brand-new website and our online accessible side effects manual,” tells Wesley. “Then I switched to our crop info sheets and our IPM protocols. I also presented Nutrimite™, our pollen-based food supplement that gives a solid boost to hungry predatory mite population as long as the pest is not sufficiently available yet.”

Wesley especially paid attention to biological pest control and IPM strategies in cucumber and gherkin, a very popular cultivation in Russia. Wesley: “I elaborated both on IPM in adult cucumber cultivation as in the growing of nursery plants.”
To ensure that the audience could understand the complete English story, the organizers of the seminar had arranged a professional interpreter. Also, the slides of the presentation were translated in advance.

According to Wesley, his participation at this seminar certainly fell on fertile ground. “After the symposium several attendees asked me for the hand-outs of my presentation and many of them had follow-up questions. It was certainly a successful participation.”

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