Biobest sponsors international tomato conference "Tomatoes, trends towards 2020"

On April 13-15, 2016 approximately 250 participants from all over the world gathered in Antwerp, Belgium for the first International Tomato Conference under the title “Tomatoes, trends towards 2020”. The organizers (the fruit and vegetable cooperatives BelOrta, Veiling Hoogstraten and REO Veiling) put together a stimulating program covering research, commercial and regulatory trends for participants across the full tomato value chain. The third day was reserved for field visits. Biobest was pleased to accept the invitation to sponsor the event and participated in multiple ways in the event.

Paco Lozano, Head of Biobest’s Knowledge and Training center: ”Tomato growers know us well as pioneers in bumblebee pollination and leading providers of biological control solutions. We work very closely with tomato growers and know their needs, which are constantly evolving. We are continuously working to expand our portfolio of solutions, also to cover upcoming problems.”

“Two Biobest presentations at the conference dealt with solutions for such upcoming problems. One was focused on the spread of tobacco whitefly in Belgium and the Netherlands. Typically, in biological control, the first step is to know and carefully monitor your enemy. That’s why we intend to participate actively in inventorizing the spread and impact of this pest. With the biopesticide PreFeRal and a range of beneficials, we’re confident to have the tools in our portfolio to help growers deal with this pest. A second presentation, was focused on strategies to control mealybug, a growing problem for which we are testing various possible biocontrol strategies. Also, new information on the application of Greenstim against blossom end rot met with a lot of grower interest.”   

Marc Mertens, Global Sales Director, concluded: ”This was an excellent event with a wide and high-level audience and we were happy to sponsor and participate in this event. Tomato has always been and remains a core crop for Biobest. Growers can count on us to help them grow what the market wants: healthy, sustainable, tasteful, high-quality tomatoes.”

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