Biobest sets a new standard with Ventilation Hive

 Take care of your personnel!

Bumblebees are a reliable, robust and trouble-free part of your workforce. However, if you treat them right and give them a little extra, you will see their performance getting a significant boost. At least, that is what we at Biobest learned from the development and testing of our brand new Ventilation Hive.

Ventilation Hive draws its power from the naturally occurring air currents. Our engineers have optimized the natural channeling effect of hot air inside the hive so that a healthy inside climate can be maintained in various atmospheric conditions. No extra energy source (or maintenance) is needed. But the bumblebees react in style. They work harder.


Tried, tested and approved!

Our extensive testing and trialing scheme showed a lot of advantages for growers. The Ventilation Hive does just what it aimed for: creating a healthier inside climate for the bumblebee colony. Because of the optimal heat and moisture evacuation, the inside temperature curve shows less deviation. Day temperatures stay lower and night temps stay higher. This resulted in an improved activity in high temperatures and a decline of worker mortality. Also, reproduction rates in higher temperatures were significantly higher.

Conclusion? Simple. Our product just got better. You get more with less work and trouble.

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