Biobest participates in MBO Westland project at All Climate Greenhouse

17/10/2019 - Friday, 13 September 2019, was the official launch of the first educational project at the All Climate Greenhouse, opened earlier this summer. Student graduates from the Horti Technics & Management Department at Lentiz|MBO Westland will soon start work in this extraordinary greenhouse at the World Horti Center, in Naaldwijk.

During this ground-breaking educational project, the students will receive support and advice from leading companies including the Van der Knaap Group, Hortilux, Axia, the Bom Group and others. Also playing a role, the Biobest Group will be partly responsible for biological crop protection and Groen Agro Control for the fertilisation analyses.

The All Climate Greenhouse is unique as it is in fact, two greenhouses: a large greenhouse built as an outer shell around a somewhat smaller, inner greenhouse divided into two sections. By creating different (sub)-tropical climates in the outer greenhouse, it is possible to study the optimisation of various crop cultivations in different climates within the inner greenhouse.

The supporting companies have initially decided to simulate a continental Romanian summer climate in the All Climate Greenhouse. Within the context of this educational project, the students will research tomato production. In the All Climate Greenhouse, two strategies will be employed in the two separate sections. One strategy focuses on product quality and the other on product quantity (yield). These objectives will be targeted by means of climate adjustments and crop handling.

Another innovation associated with this project is that secondary-education level (MBO) and higher-education level (HBO) students will work together in one project environment. It is an example of how Lentiz develops educational concepts that allow students to learn by way of practical research coupled to the underlying theory. Moreover, partners of the World Horti Center are directly involved in the education process. Cooperation between the worlds of education and business make meaningful learning situations possible for the students. Ultimately, helping to develop innovative employees of the future educated by Lentiz I MBO Westland.

Source: www.groentennieuws.nl

Biobest contributes biological crop protection to an interesting project in the World Horti Center. MBO students work here in special greenhouses in which different outdoor conditions can be simulated. Currently, summer conditions in Romania are being generated to see how tomato plants react to this climate and to explore the best cultivation conditions. It is extremely instructive to see how our biological control methods react to these extreme circumstances!

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