Biobest offers the ultimate winter solution to cucumber growers

Now available, Swirskii-Breeding-System-Long-Life

With the upcoming cucumber season, Biobest presents a new, highly empowered Swirskii mite.
The long life breeding system is developed especially for those situations where Swirskii mites can make the difference, but cold temperatures hinder efficiency.


  • Complete breeding system with longer activity
  • Walkout period much longer than standard
  • Mites walk out more slowly, with 50% more mites/period than a standard sachet
  • Use of difefrent pray mites, therefor better adapted to colder climate
  • Ideal for colder circumstances
  • No need of reinforcement


Swirskii was already successfully introduced in Cucumber crops, but when confronted with colder temperatures, there’s a constant need for reinforcement.

Due to characteristics of the crop (no pollen), and climate conditions, reinforcement is common after 3-4 weeks after the first introduction in the crop. This means higher cost and more labour.
With the Swirskii-Long-Life this is not necessary anymore.
During walk out into the crop, the lack of food (pollen) combined with colder crop conditions lower the establishment into the crop when using standard Swirskii sachets.

Therefore reinforcement is needed every 3-4 weeks.
To close this gap and to fulfill the needs of growers, Biobest now comes with the Long-Life-System.

White flies and Thrips are less available when temperatures are low, which means also the Swirskii mites are not developing well. Because of the use of another feeder mite, which remains active in colder temperatures, the Swirskii mites do have a big food source, which helps them to establish better and reactivate when temperatures are increasing again.
As from now available at Biobest Spain.


Recommended: 1 sachet every two plants.
The establishment of Swirskii can be accelerated with 10 days when used at a rate of 1 sachet/plant.

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