Biobest launches Phytoseiulus production in Mexico

With over 27% of the world’s strawberry production in 2015, the USA is by far the world’s number one producer. The lion’s share of US production is situated in California. Mexico ranks number 5 in the global strawberry charts with about 6% of global production. A lot of strawberries are grown in Western states (Baja California, Jalisco, Michoacan). "That’s a lot of berries within easy reach of Biobest Mexico’s production site in Guadalajara, Jalisco" says Harman Gilbert, commercial manager Biobest US & Canada.

Harman: "Biological control is a hot topic in the berry industry as it is key to achieve low/no residue targets. For spider mite, one of the main pests, the use of natural enemies is already widely accepted. That’s why I am excited that, in addition to the existing production sites in the Biobest global network, we now have a new production site of Phytoseiulus right in the heart of the world’s most important berry-belt. Phytoseiulus is a voracious spider mite predator. Local production gives us greater flexibility to supply a high-quality product with short order deadlines. We have a lot more in the pipeline in terms of new biological solutions for growers. Thanks to a very competitive positioning of a biocontrol product that is already used by many berry growers, we’ll be able to significantly expand our network in this industry."

Antolin Diaz, General Manager of Biobest Mexico, comments: "Biobest Mexico is a key production site in the Biobest Group. We produce bumblebees for the Mexican market as well as a number of beneficials. I am very satisfied to have added Phytoseiulus to our production portfolio. Global demand for Phytoseiulus keeps growing rapidly and we are now well positioned to supply both Mexican and US berry growers with this important biocontrol product. Mexican growers will have access to the product via our distribution partner IMEX.”

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