Biobest launches Chrysopa-System (10.000)

Chrysopa, better known as green lacewing, is a predator that often spontaneously occurs in greenhouses and open fields. The larvae are extremely greedy and efficient against aphids. The adults are fragile, light green insects with long, transparent, fine-veined wings and golden eyes. The adult green lacewing is no predator but feeds with nectar, honeydew and pollen.

Chrysopa carnea can be introduced in different vegetable crops, fruits and ornamentals against different kinds of aphids. Chrysopa also eats thrips, red spider mites, whiteflies, small caterpillars, eggs of butterflies and mealy bugs. Especially in crops with a high temperature variation and/or changing relative humidity, Chrysopa will not have any problems.

The advantage of using larvae is the fact that they work immediately. With Chrysopa, only the hot spots or the entire greenhouse can be treated. If hot spots are controlled in an early stage, there is less probability of infestation of the entire crop. It is however not possible to build a population with lacewings, as adults mostly leave the greenhouse after hatching from the pupae.


  • The activity of Chrysopa carnea hardly depends on temperature and does not depend on relative humidity. The larvae work from 12°C to 35°C and can therefore also be introduced in open fields.
  • As they are rather primitive insects, there is a fairly good resistance against different pesticides.
  • The larvae are very aggressive and very efficient in hot spots.
  • One larva can eat up to 50 aphids per day.
  • Chrysopa carnea is a predator that does not only eat different kinds of aphids, but also other insects like red spider mites, thrips, white flies, etc.
  • Bucket contains ephestia eggs to feed on during transport – to prevent cannibalism.

New packaging

  • The larvae of Chrysopa are now also available in a 10.000 pcs 5l bucket filled with a buckwheat carrier and ephestia eggs to feed on
  • If necessary, Chrysopa 10.000 System can be stored for a short while at 6-10°C and RH >85
  • This new mass-package will be available as from 16/04/2012

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