Biobest Knowledge and Training Centre starts its work


Using this training centre, Biobest will respond to the continuing demand for technical knowledge that exists especially among the sales managers of its distributors. This constant investment in a thorough training of partners obviously translates into better application of our products and recognition of their quality, leading to immediate results on the field.
Along with the basic training for new employees or technical managers, the centre also carries out project-based work. Thus the handling of Tuta absoluta is currently one of the most successful projects initiated by the knowledge centre. Recognition and monitoring of various disease patterns as well as the introduction and follow-up of innovations are now regular features. In particular, the subject-, product- and crop-specific technical training for a certain target group is a new element in the whole approach. The training always includes an academic part but is mainly designed to build the field experience.
“By structuring this training, we now get the opportunity to gain the field experience and knowledge from different angles, which, in turn, increases the shared knowledge”, says Lozano. This results in a very close and intensive cooperation among the entire group of Biobest International Advisors.
Biobest has long been very active in providing technical support to its distribution network and the end customers, but is now investing even more resources in its international expansion.
We are convinced that commitment to quality in the entire chain and, in this case, to knowledge provides an added value, making a partner such as Biobest stand out even more from the rest.
Last week, it was the Southern and Eastern European distributors who received the three-day IPM training at the headquarters in Belgium.

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