Biobest invests in its own distribution network in Morocco

The creation of Biobest Maroc Trading (BMT) allows the Belgian company Biobest, specialised for 25 years in bumblebee pollination and sustainable crop management, to distribute its product range in Morocco on its own.
Thus it can offer a better service to Moroccan crop growers thanks to shorter distribution channels and an aftersales service better adapted to the local target market.

«This new stage will allow our company to focus more on the needs of the local market», explains Jean-Marc Vandoorne, CEO of the Biobest Group. «In recent years, we have built a very fruitful business relationship with our local distributors. To ensure our future success in the region, the company must assume the entire responsibility for the whole distribution chain, from growing to the use of biological products. This is our main objective in creating BMT.»

A short distribution chain

Biobest Maroc Trading will act as a direct distribution chain for pollinators, beneficial organisms and biopesticides to the growers. Nadine Dumiot, Commercial Director of Biobest Maroc Trading, says: «The integration of our local production with the help of a dedicated logistics partner will allow us to react even faster to the expectations of a constantly changing market. This will guarantee a continuous supply of young beneficial organisms adapted to the needs of our customers. We can make direct deliveries from our local production facilities, ensuring a very high survival rate of beneficial organisms.»
Combined with high flexibility, ongoing technical assistance and a personal approach, Biobest Maroc Trading will be able to offer many advantages to local growers.

A local expertise

Biobest Maroc Trading will also serve as a two-way communication channel between the company and its customers. Jean-Marc Vandoorne adds: «What matters in sustainable crop management are your actions, but also how, when and where you carry them out. From now on, we can directly appoint our own specialists in crop management to the Moroccan greenhouses and fields – the specialists who have acquired a solid knowledge through 25 years of experience and global structure of Biobest. At the same time, BMT will also serve as a listening post where we can gather information on the experiences of our customers with various crops. This expertise will be used by our research & development and production units to develop more effective strategies against parasites specific to the North African countries.»

More products, more crops

Biobest Maroc Trading will distribute the entire range of Biobest products applicable to crops in the region. The company will, therefore, be able to focus on less common crops. Nadine Dumiot says: «In recent years, Morocco has become a major agricultural producer, particularly in growing tomatoes and peppers. Biobest Maroc Trading will serve as the local base and allow our company to explore the opportunities for sustainable management in other important crops of the future such as berries and citrus fruits.

In the past, the local distributors were operating mainly in the tomato and pepper markets. As a result, the need for an IPM strategy in other crops was not always fully satisfied or there was no appropriate solution for numerous problems in the implementation programs. We hope that the combination of our expertise and our global experience will help us gain a prominent position in sustainable agriculture in Morocco.»

Biobest Maroc Trading will be located at the same premises as the production site of Biobest, 40 km south of Agadir, and will become operational in early June.

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