Biobest – ideal partner for cherry pollination

22/03/2020 - Due to a range of circumstances, the pollination of cherries is becoming increasingly complex. Bumblebees provide the best results and Biobest supplies them in highly practical hives resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

Cherry pollination is set to start soon. While this used to be a standard process, nowadays it is not that simple. With weather conditions becoming more variable, many growers are taking action covering plots to protect from frost and precipitation while cherries are in blossom. A system that pays off but comes with one disadvantage; under nets, honeybees fly out noticeably less often to pollinate the blossoms as the covers interfere with their ability to orientate. Pollination results are therefore disappointing.

Bumblebees better protected against cold, rain and heat

Bumblebees experience markedly fewer problems and offer a clear advantage when it comes to pollinating cherries. Biobest supplies bumblebees in Multi-Hives which are resistant to all weather conditions - including precipitation, heat and cold. They are a unique concept as other suppliers only offer cardboard hives.

“Our Multi-Hives are constructed from material that can withstand the rain and is also insulated against cold and heat,” explains Biobest specialist, Jurgen Bouveroux. “In frosty weather, the bumblebees will encounter little or no adverse effects. In contrast, bumblebees in cardboard hives may have to deal with extreme low temperatures at night. That demands a great deal of energy and means they will be less apt to fly out of the nest. Moreover, if the cold persists, they simply refuse to work.

“Unusually warm temperatures can also have pernicious effects. These problems do not arise with our Multi-Hives, as the environment inside the hive is maintained at a pleasant temperature and much more movement is guaranteed. This makes our product unique when compared to all the others on the market.”

Biobest Multi-Hives have been specially designed for use in outdoor crops. Growers are encouraged to order them well before the beginning of the flowering period. Each Multi-Hive contains three separate colonies of Bombus terrestris, a total of more than 350 bumblebees, supplying pollination for a period of four to six weeks. Due to its sturdy design, Multi-Hives can also be recycled and used again. They can be refilled with a new supply of bumblebees and the worry-free feeding system containing Biogluc®. All-in-all plenty of reasons to choose Biobest for the upcoming cherry pollination season.

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