Biobest has now obtained official registration for PreFeRal in France

As of today, the biological crop protection agent PreFeRal is registered for use in France for the control of whiteflies in various crops. PreFeRal is a biological insecticide that is applied in protected (glasshouse) crops.

For quite some time PreFeRal was allowed to be used under temporary registration, but this has now been formalized. Besides tomato and cucumber production, it means a breakthrough for French ornamental production as this new registration now offers a new weapon for this industry. Most of the systematic and selective crop protection agents against whiteflies often fail due to resistance of insects and therefore soon turn out to be ineffective.

Biobest already offers a biological solution with the introduction of Macrolophus, Encarcia formosa, Eretmocerus eremicus and mundus. These are all natural enemies of whiteflies.
Macrolophus has already proven its efficiency in several countries and under different climatic conditions.
As the use of PreFeRal has no side effects on the introduction of these beneficials, it is the ideal mix to control whiteflies.

PreFeRal is already registered in several other European countries.

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