Biobest has further optimized its Drosophila suzukii trap

Our Droso-Trap is specifically designed to catch the Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), also known as Drosophila suzukii. Our new trap is red and round in shape and has vertical bars in the lateral openings, reducing these to 3,5mm.

Trials performed in a cherry orchard in France last autumn, show this has no negative impact on Drosophila suzukii catches, while the non-Drosophilidae catches (mainly big Diptera) can be reduced significantly. This makes it easier for the grower to determine the amount of D. suzukii caught in the trap.


When compared to other Drosophila suzukii traps and attractants currently available in the market, the combination Droso-Trap + Dros’Attract is by far catching the highest number of Drosophila suzukii per trap. Biobest offers the right tools to up your monitoring efforts and stand prepared when Drosophila suzukii attacks.

For more advice on monitoring Drosophila suzukii, contact your Biobest advisor.

Check out the Droso trap movie on www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtTcAmXfRUo.

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