Arend-Sosef BV announced today the suspension of all activities in view of financial problems. As a distributor of Biobest, Arend-Sosef played an important part in the Dutch greenhouse market for pollination and biological control. This is obviously a market in which continuity is of paramount importance. Biobest therefore guarantees, with immediate effect, direct supply and service to all customers concerned. Biobest thus ensures the continuity of customers’ pollination and biological control programs. It also steps in to provide the high quality of technical advice which the growers are counting on.

Marc Mertens, Commercial Director at Biobest comments: “In the context of the collaboration with Arend-Sosef several Biobest team members were already operating in the Dutch market on a daily basis. We stepped up our presence substantially during 2013 which enabled us to successfully launch several new products in a joint effort with our distributor. We are therefore capable to react swiftly and are firmly committed to avoid that any Biobest customer in the Netherlands will experience difficulties due to the financial problems at Arend-Sosef.

Dutch customers with questions about service in the coming days are invited to contact us directly and will be immediately attended. Our team is ready to answer any questions at +32/14 25 79 84 or by email at info@biobest.be.

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