Biobest Growers Day in Lacombe

Approximately 60 growers met in Lacombe, Alberta, on February 18th, 2016 for the Biobest Growers Day. Growers from all across the province, representing different greenhouse ornamental and vegetable crops, as well as research facilities, gathered for the event. Biobest’s Sustainable Crop Management Specialist, Veronica Cervantes, spoke on a wide variety of topics related to achieving a successful IPM program. Veronica’s vast experience from across North and Latin America captivated the audience. Biobest’s Area Technical Representative, Emiel Vanderwel also spoke on key greenhouse pests. Besides getting into details on how to control each pest, we discussed topics like:

- Proper start up for a successful IPM program;

- Monitoring and Mass trapping;

- Supplemental feeding of beneficial control agents with Nutrimite™ and Nutrimac™ and Banker plants

Edwin Hogendoorn, Area Representative for Evergro, spoke about the Biosafe line and the importance of green chemistry in horticulture, disinfecting and of killing pathogens and dormant pathogens, in greenhouse structure, floors and irrigation lines.

Phil Bakker, from Earth Apples, presented their 10 specialty potato seeds, intended for hobby and organic gardeners, so they can grow potato plants and harvest a hearty meal after a few weeks of growth from their own gardens, patios or urban balconies!

Thanks to all participants for bringing your enthusiasm and questions and making of Biobest Growers Day a successful and remarkable one!

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