Biobest Group and DCM launch new PMV®-01 movie

8/10/2018 - In many tomato producing countries in Europe, the first plants for the new season are entering the greenhouses. An ideal moment for Biobest and DCM to present their new PMV®-01 movie. PMV®-01 is a widely used plant vaccine that protects tomato crops against aggressive attacks by Pepino Mosaic Virus. One application right after planting provides protection for the rest of the season.

Thijs De Langhe, Business Development Manager PMV®-01 at DCM, explains:
“PMV®-01 is not just a product as such but it’s implemented in a complete strategy, the PMV®-01 vaccination strategy. In the movie Biobest and DCM visualize and explain this vaccination strategy step by step.”

“At this moment PMV®-01 is registered in 17 countries, both within and outside the EU, while more countries are still in the process of registration. In the countries surrounding Belgium, DCM’s core countries, DCM vaccination experts do the follow up of the growers themselves. In a number of other countries, we have collaborated with Biobest. We have chosen Biobest because of their technical expertise and their close link with the tomato growers.”

Sam Gui, IPM and Pollination Specialist at Biobest Group: “Pepino Mosaic Virus is an important problem for our tomato growers, and we are glad we can offer them a safe and effective solution that has become part of the Biobest IPM strategies. Our local teams have been trained as vaccination experts. Whether you are a first time or an experienced PMV®-01 user, we are by your side to assist you. Whenever needed, Biobest IPM and Pollination Specialists provide additional technical support.”

The movie is available now with subtitles in four different languages: English, Dutch, French and German on the Biobest Group YouTube channel and on the PMV®-01 website (http://pmv-01.com/en). Click here to watch it.

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