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The testing and classification of biocontrol agents is a complex and time-consuming process. Biobest Green Lab is the first dedicated research facility for this sole purpose in the world. This makes us the first choice to outsource side-effects testing and compatibility trialing.

With more than 15 years of experience in the execution of side-effects trials and the study in the behavior of beneficial organisms in different commercial crops, Biobest is one of the best placed companies to perform compatibility studies on a broad range of beneficial organisms, related or not to a specific crop.

Biobest Green Lab is very experienced in determining a reliable IOBC classification for both chemical and biological agents in all stages of their development. We can actively assist any company in the development of more IPM-compatible compounds.


Advanced facilities

Biobest Green Lab consists of an isolated testing facility with a fully equipped laboratory and greenhouses. We have similar labs in temperate (Belgium) and Mediterranean (Spain) climates. Our testing capabilities range from laboratory trials, semi-field up to field conditions. Our facilities allow us to recreate different field conditions with a large variety in populations of beneficial organisms.

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