Biobest Green Lab

Biobest N.V. is a Belgium-based specialist in the production and marketing of products for Integrated Crop Management (ICM). Biobest focuses on biological pollination with bumblebees and biological pest control. Our products are used in both integrated and organic horticulture, mostly for protected crops. Biobest is actively developing solutions for open field crops.

With facilities in Belgium, France, Spain, Morocco, Turkey and Canada and a widespread network of distributors and dealers, Biobest is a worldwide top-notch company in the field of integrated crop management.

ICM is a pro-active rather than a re-active approach in which a great number of variables play a part. This makes it very important to have the right knowledge and experience. The right advice makes all the difference. This is the field where Biobest excels. And this is why, nearly one year ago, Biobest took on the tagline: “Our advice, your growth”.

Biobest is now implementing the next step to reinforce our policy: By sound and effective advice concerning the impact of chemicals on biological solutions, Biobest is continuing to developing its support to customers, dealers and distributors. Now, Biobest is ready to take the next step. If Biobest wants to lead the way in effective ICM advice, it needs to make a substantial investment in research and development.

Starting in July 2009, that activity will focus on contract research and partnership offering a platform of capabilities and tests to develop know-how for sustainable crop management. This research facility is an independent division of Biobest. The additional effort will increase Biobest competence and knowledge about ICM that will be shared with international partners and customers and it will lift the effectiveness of our advice to a next level.

Biobest Green Lab is a new and very promising step forward. It will enhance the efficiency of our customers’ ICM-programs and help Biobest stay ahead as the world leader in ICM advice. Biobest Green Lab is opening that infrastructure to ICM players as well as to agrochemical companies. Biobest is supporting growers and distributors to continuously deliver more effective advice to the market.

This new step forward will make Biobest an even more healthier company, with new job opportunities in R&D.

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