Biobest further strengthens their technical team by hiring new Director

24/10/2019 - As from October 1, 2019 Martin Zuijderwijk joined the Biobest group as Director Technical Support Services.

Born and raised in the heart of the greenhouses sector in The Netherlands, Martin services the horticultural crop protection industry since 1992. The last 20 years he has been working in global Integrated Pest Management (IPM) business development. With his great experience, Biobest keeps developing innovative, reliable and efficient solutions together with growers, distributors and stakeholders.

Martin will succeed Julien Mourrut-Salesse who developed and directed the IPM & Pollination Specialist Team during 6 years to provide the best in class technical support to our global technicians and our customers. Julien will strengthen the management team at Biobest France as Sales Director.
Julien: “These 6 years leading the elite of technical knowledge at Biobest was a beautiful adventure and contributed partly to the success of Biobest Group, placing the technical strategy in the heart of our business model. I am proud to take part of a new adventure now, leaving the team in good hands of Martin.”

Within his new position, Martin takes part of the executive management team and will be responsible for the Technical Biocontrol Strategy. In addition, he and his team develop and manage the Biobest Academy, the knowledge platform for future IPM. This platform will provide state of the art knowledge enabling our growers to grow a healthy and profitable crop.

Martin: “During the last decades the industry created many solutions in IPM. However, there is still a lot to come. With the new technologies and products in the pipeline, we foresee many opportunities on the horizon to develop the best and reliable solutions for the growers.”

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