Biobest buzz on Hortidaily bus tour

On February 16th and 17th Hortidaily organized its second High-tech greenhouse bus tour. Growers from all over the world were invited to the Netherlands to come and visit some of the world’s most advanced greenhouse operations. Bart Sosef, Biobest General Manager for Biobest Netherlands joined the group of growers on their trip.

“When we were invited to be a sponsor of the tour, we didn’t hesitate a second,” says Bart. ”Hortidaily is a valuable partner for us in making news about our company accessible to the world. This was also a really great opportunity to share our unique perspective on biological control and pollination with the participants. Among the many highlights of the tour, the participants could also see some of our products in action at different locations. I could exchange with them in more detail as to how I think these solutions would also make a difference in their own production back home. Among other things, Biobest added a magnifying glass with lanyard to the goodie bag which was well received by the participants. For those not already accustomed to carefully observing pests and beneficials in the crop, this was a good introduction about the importance of careful scouting. I’m sure several of them will now get in touch with a Biobest advisor or distributor in their home country to get more in-depth advice.”

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