Biobest Biological Systems opens state of the art production facility in Mexico.

In a joint-venture with its distributor and long-time local partner Distribuciones Imex, Biobest is proud to announce the opening of a brand new bumblebee production facility.

The Belgian company Biobest N.V. (Westerlo), founded in 1987, is a world leader in the biological crop protection and pollination business. With its 5 subsidiaries in Canada, Spain, France, Morocco and Turkey and its extensive distributor network, Biobest is active in more than 50 countries.

Distribuciones Imex S.A de C.V. is active in export, import, distribution and production of specialized products for Mexican agriculture and horticulture.
The new facility houses the production and administrative headquarters of Biobest Mexico and is centrally located in the State of Jalisco. All the latest technologies and innovations of bumblebee rearing have been incorporated in its design and construction.
The production of bumblebees has already started and some bumblebee hives have already been delivered to our valued customers. In a very short time, the production will be at ‘full’ speed.
In recent years the Mexican greenhouse industry has expanded considerably, which has resulted in the increased use of bumblebees for biological pollination of tomatoes. With this new production unit, Biobest will be able to guarantee a steady supply of high quality pollinators and biological crop protection organisms to Mexican and neighbouring markets.
Biobest and Distribuciones Imex wish to thank the Mexican authorities and all those responsible for making this joint project such a success.

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