Biobest at Fruit Logistica 2014: why you can’t miss our booth!

Fruit Logistica 2014 is the opportunity for Biobest to put its innovations in the spotlight. The focus: technologies that help fruit and vegetable growers worldwide achieve high yields and premium quality in a sustainable way.

As a leading provider of solutions for sustainable crop management, Biobest is presenting ground-breaking innovations in its two core areas of activity: pollination and biological control of pests and diseases.

Pollination with Biobest’s patented Flying Doctors® takes the center stage at the Biobest booth. This novel hive, equipped with a dispenser that can be filled with pre-collected pollen, has been extensively tested in pear, kiwi and kiwi-berry. Pollination and fruitset in these crops are known to be critical and challenging. Put the Flying Doctors® at work for precision delivery of pollen to the flowers. Even with cold and rainy weather during pollination, they will ensure efficient pollination. Visit the Biobest booth and get full information about the amazing benefits of this technology in terms of yield, fruit caliber and savings in pollen and labour cost. Promising initial results have also been obtained in apple and cherry.

This innovation fits in a broader trend: the interest of open-field fruit growers in bumblebee pollination is rapidly growing. The Biobest product range for open field pollination will be showcased at the booth. Blueberry and strawberry growers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get a briefing on our latest research data quantifying the benefits of bumblebee pollination outdoor.

In Biological Control, Biobest presents the world’s first commercial feed supplement for predatory mites to be applied on the crop: NutrimiteTM. In many crops, predatory mites are a cornerstone of the biological control strategy. Frequent releases or use of breeding sachets are usually required. Now you can apply NutrimiteTM on the crop and “breed them where you need them”. Predatory mite populations no longer need to die when there is low pest pressure and no pollen from the crop. With NutrimiteTM a strong population of predatory mites can be maintained at any time, waiting eagerly to destroy pests that happen to land on the crop. Use NutrimiteTM in combination with Swirskii-System (A. swirskii); Dyna-Mite® G-System (Euseius gallicus) and Degenerans-System (A. degenerans).

To know more about those innovations and about the broad range of Biobest solutions for pollination and biological control, visit the Biobest booth at Hall 6.2 C03.


Press contact at Fruit Logistica
Herman Van Mellaert
Director Business Development

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