Biobest as medicinal cannabis ambassador at GreenTech 2019

29/05/2019 - Globally, cannabis production is increasing quickly as many countries are now legalizing the use of medicinal products derived from cannabis. This is why Biobest will be present at GreenTech 2019 with a focus on medicinal cannabis. From 11 till 13 June, we would be pleased to welcome you to our booth 08.342CA in the cannabis pavilion during this leading, international horticultural fair in Amsterdam. 

Biological solutions in medicinal cannabis

Because cannabis is subject to very strict regulations on pesticides use, pest management can be challenging, and crop damage and losses are a risk. Biobest crop specialists are at the forefront of cannabis crop protection technology. With our biological solutions, monitoring tools and strategies, we are supporting cannabis growers around the world to produce healthy plants, best yields, high quality and to achieve their phytosanitary goals.

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