Biobest Antalya supplies “Sultans of Sustainability”

In Turkish tomato production, Sultan Sera A.S. stands out as a leading company of sustainable production. What is so special about Sultan Sera’s approach? Its unique solution in terms of energy supply and energy efficiency, its commitment to broad economic development of the region, a focus on a high quality product with all required certificates for the international market. And last but not least, a dedication to the best solutions in biological control in collaboration with a trusted partner, Biobest Antalya. Due to the innovative character of the project Sultan Sera gained the support of the Dutch Ministry of Innovation.

Sultan Sera General Manager Neslihan Budaklı explains. “Sultan Sera, a MD Holding company, was established in 2008. Our unique contribution to the economy started with putting marshy, nonarable lands to good use with an initial 41 hectares greenhouse investment. Then, we developed the use of geothermal energy sources belonging to MB Holding to heat the greenhouses and to produce electricity. We thus established the first integrated geothermic facility in Turkey. The greenhouse is equipped with advanced technologies, the entire production process is highly automated. Given our dedication to contribute to broad economic development of the region we also invest in wellness tourism in the region.”

“Fundamental values for us are quality, food safety, reliability and sustainability,” continues Neslihan Budakli. “With pollination and pest control being key processes in tomato production, it was important for us to choose a partner that could reliably supply us with high quality biological solutions and solid technical advice and service. Since several years, we work together with Biobest for IPM and bumblebee pollination. We have strong confidence in the Biobest team and value the fact that Biobest has a local production site in Turkey.” Ceyhun Cihan, Production Manager, adds “Five years ago we were facing serious issues with pests becoming resistant to chemicals. That is what got us going on IPM in the first place. I am really satisfied with the progress we made and confident that we will be able to further increase the use of biological solutions.”

Sultan Sera’s unique approach of course leads to a unique high quality product. The company cluster tomatoes under the commercial name “Tomatolia” and its product is sold in export markets such as Holland, Belgium and Russia. The company holds all the certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, Good Agricultural Practices and GLOBAL G.A.P. required to operate in these markets.

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