Biobest Antalya rewarded the Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

25/11/2020 - As Biobest Antalya, we have taken serious measures to control the threat and prepare our employees / facilities against the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic like the whole Biobest Family.

Our priorities are to protect the health of our employees, business partners, customers, family and loved ones and to be a reliable partner by maintaining the continuity of our production, package and supply operations.

In this context, we have obtained the "TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate" by meticulously applying all the criteria in the guide fight against the pandemic, prepared by the Turkish Standards Institute - the highest accreditation institution of Turkey - and successfully completing the inspections in our production facility.

At the moment, this is something so prestigious and reassuring in our country due to the increasing problems with the pandemia. It is very important for all of us at Biobest Antalya to work in a certified place with a complete approach to health safety for people and products.

In these difficult days, we thank the entire Biobest Antalya family who act responsibly and consciously, adapting to the measures, improving our processes and making improvement suggestions.

We created the rules / system and shared it with our employees, but we could not achieve this without their devoted and disciplined implementation. Thanks to all these, it is a pride for us to come to work knowing that we work in a safe facility every day.

Download the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate

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